Japanese confectionery boutique Ennari to open in NEWoMan

LUMINE will open Ennari, a boutique that offers unique and exquisite Japanese confectionery carefully selected from all around Japan, in Shinjuku’s newest retail facility NEWoMan on Friday, April 15.

Ennari is an old Japanese term that means ‘graceful taste’ or ‘stylish’. The boutique carefully selects and offers one-of-a-kind, stylish Japanese confectionery brands, in hopes to help ‘express a sender’s thoughts through their choice of a tasteful gift’.

The store will consistently carry three brands at a time, selling them for a limited time only. In addition to popular items from each brand, they will offer designs and products especially created for Ennari.

With hopes to create new possibilities for the industry, Ennari promotes the wonders of Japanese confectionery which include the passion of the creators, the high quality ingredients, and techniques and manufacturing methods that have been passed down for generations. By introducing these unique and exquisite brands to a broader audience, LUMINE aims to create opportunities for the brand to directly interact with customers and communicate the art of Japanese confectionery.

In addition, we continue our efforts in promoting and revitalizing local areas by creating a place that delivers products as well as the passion behind them, in central Tokyo, one of the world’s largest cities.