KOKO LUMINE store to open in NEWoMan Eki Naka on April 15th

Inside NEWoMan, LUMINE’s new shopping facility directly connected to JR Shinjuku station, the company will open a KOKO LUMINE store as one of their Eki Naka shops. The store opening on Friday, April 15, 2016 will be the first flagship store by the KOKO LUMINE project, the company’s initiative to support and promote Japan’s local communities, finest craftsmanship (monozukuri) and their products.

Through sales of traditional crafts, fine products for everyday use and special giftable items, the new Shinjuku outlet hopes to promote the beauty of Japanese regions as well as the monozukuri spirit ‘from here’ (kokokara) and ‘from the heart’ (kokorokara).

Before carrying actual products in-store, LUMINE visits the craftsmen and women in each region to make sure they are able to become their direct voice and communicate the true beauty of Japanese monozukuri to customers. Using AR (augmented reality) on iPads, the store will also deliver further information on product concepts and origins.

In collaboration with five craft-makers, LUMINE has also developed a line of original products titled “Shinjuku-miyage”, exclusive to the KOKO LUMINE store. As it is located in Shinjuku station, the store carries carefully selected everyday goods that capture the KOKO LUMINE spirit as well.

LUMINE hopes the store will become a global hub for Japanese regional goods and create new opportunities, as regions have been facing challenges such as a lack of successors. The company is committed to taking action by continuing its promotion of Japan’s local communities and the beauty of their products, to help gain interest back to these regions.