In collaboration with CHANEL NEXUS HALL, LUMINE will host the Enki Bilal “OUTBOX” exhibition as part of the opening event of LUMINE 0 (LUMINE zero). LUMINE 0 is the new cultural exchange center located in Shinjuku’s latest commercial complex “NEWoMan”, which opens on Friday, March 25, 2016. The exhibition will be showcased until Wednesday, April 6th and offered free admission.

Bande dessinée creator, Enki Bilal’s art work to be on display
LUMINE 0 was created under the concept of “JAPAN CREATIVE TERMINAL”, to spread Japan’s creativity to the world and creatives of the world within Japan. Established with the spirit of art enthusiast Mademoiselle Chanel herself, CHANEL NEXUS HALL is where people can connect with the world of Chanel and art. The collaboration between the two, began from the common hope of spreading truly rich and valuable art from around the world.

Created with the spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel who loved and supported the arts, CHANEL NEXUS HALL hosts cultural events such as music and art exhibitions all year around. From Friday, January 15th to Sunday, February 14th, CHANEL NEXUS HALL hosted an Enki Bilal installation for the first time in Japan, titled “INBOX HYBRIDIZATION (IN LOVE)”. The installation included works from the Venice Biennale, as well as pieces specially drawn for the occasion. In collaboration with CHANEL NEXUS HALL, LUMINE 0 will be hosting Enki Bilal’s “OUTBOX” exhibition. In addition to pieces from “INBOX”, drawings from classic bande dessinée comics will be on display. LUMINE invites you to enjoy this special opportunity.

Enki Bilal is a visual creator that represents bande dessinée Franco-Belgian comics. Born in former Yugoslavia in 1951, he made his debut as a Franco-Belgian comic creator in 1972. His work with bande dessinée author Pierre Christin, “The Black Order Brigades” and “The Hunting Party” were highly acclaimed and received numerous prizes. He has become known for creating a unique world that blends SF-type visuals with political themes. More recently, he has been taking over the art industry, expanding his fields to film, stage arts and painting.