Prize-winning pieces to be displayed in LUMINE facilities
Art by acclaimed artist Noritaka Tatehana also to be showcased

From Monday, February 1 to Wednesday March 9, 2016, LUMINE will display works by the winning artists of LUMINE meets ART AWARD (LMAA) 2015, an art award held open to the public. In addition to the six prize-winning pieces, a runner-up piece from the Digital Category will be displayed as part of the interior of Shinjuku LUMINE and Shinjuku LUMINE EST buildings.

LMAA 2015 received a total of 670 applicants in the four categories; Installation, Window, Elevator and Digital. The panel of judges consisted of members active in both the domestic and overseas art scenes such as Tomio Koyama, a gallerist who works in the forefront of modern art and Mariko Ogata, a copywriter and creative director also responsible for LUMINE’s seasonal print Ads. The seven pieces of art will be displayed in Shinjuku LUMINE LUMINE 2’s event space and 1st to 2nd floor windows, Shinjuku LUMINE LUMINE 1’s elevators, and as digital signage both in and outside of Shinjuku LUMINE EST and Shinjuku LUMINE.

The work of Noritaka Tatehana, who was a special judge for the LMAA 2015, will also be on display. Tatehana became well known for designing the heel-less shoes adored by celebrities around the world such as Lady Gaga, and has come to the forefront of both the fashion and art worlds ever since.

Based upon LUMINE’s “Itsumono LUMINE +α” (everyday LUMINE plus more) concept, the company began the LMAA open to the public in 2013. Through the art award, the company hopes to reach out and support young artists, while offering an environment where customers can discover and enjoy the excitement of art.

[Special Exhibition / Guest Artist]

Exhibition area: Shinjuku LUMINE LUMINE 2

The heel-less shoes inside the clear cube-shaped balloon have been industrial painted with pure silver. These shoes abandon the idea of usability in art work and instead evokes the true power of an object. The shoes are homogenized by the use of industrial paint, making them seem no different from objects that are mass-produced. The concept of bringing a new idea to an object, is similar to when ready-mades were created after experimentation by artists that were committed to Dadaism, and tests the viewer on how they perceive it.

Noritaka Tatehana was born in 1985 in Tokyo. Currently an artist who works passionately collaborating with traditional craftsmen and participates in exhibitions worldwide. His work can be found in the permanent collections of world-renowned museums, such as New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

  1. Grand Prize “De Lempicka” Hideki Iinuma (Installation Section)
  2. Second Prize “Love machine” Satoru Tamura (Window Section)
  3. LUMINE Prize “The moon watching over us” Takaki Sugawara (Elevator Section)
  4. Winning Prize “A Woman in a Fashion Building” Masaki Okuda (Picture Section)
  5. Winning Prize “A Sinter Pillar” Natsuki Machida (Elevator Section)
  6. Winning Prize “Ebb-Ripple” Tenshin Kazama (Window Section)
  7. Second Runner-up “A woman” Anri Yamada (Picture Section)
  8. Special Exhibition “JUNK SILVER INSTALLATION” Noritaka Takehata