Many new stores around the world are launching its first shop at NEWoMan

LUMINE will open a new shopping facility NEWoMan located by the JR Shinjuku New South Exit on Friday, March 25, 2016 (EKI NAKA/EKI SOTO shops will open on Friday, April 15, 2016). CHOUX D’ENFER and VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS will make their Japan debuts with their first stores opening in NEWoMan. Both stores will open on Friday, April 15.

CHOUX D’ENFER is a beloved Parisian cream puff specialty store. The light and airy outer layer of the cream puffs use nuts as an accent, and are filled with the specialty cream on the spot for everyone to enjoy.

VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS is a booming third-wave café from California favored by Hollywood celebrities as well. The café offers fresh coffee beans selected each season from around the world, in a laid-back environment that suits the brand’s surfing/outdoors background.

In addition, fashion accessories brands such as H.P.F,98 CHRISTOPHER, BRIEFING, FARO, interior goods brand PTMD collection produced by Spoonbill, WHARF oyster bar, 800° DEGREES NEAPOLITAN PIZZERIA, and the dessert bar by Janice Wong will also be making their Japan debuts with the opening of NEWoMan

Comments by VERVE co-owners Colby Barr and Ryan O’Donovan

Since 2007 when we opened our first location in Santa Cruz, California, our mission has been ‘to provide the best coffee experience to all people’. To deliver this, we dedicate ourselves in discovering the best coffee from around the world, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere, whether it is the interior details of our stores or the friendliness of our staff. All of this has led us to propose a high-quality lifestyle based on coffee. Tokyo is a city filled with the best quality products and lifestyles. We are excited to be expanding across the Pacific to share our story with Japan.


VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS began in a famous surfing town of Santa Cruz, California by college friends Colby Barr and Ryan O’Donovan. Under their fundamental ‘FARM LEVEL TO STREET LEVEL’ motto, they travel across the world to select fresh and relevant coffee beans which are offered in their sophisticated yet laid-back outlets. With three locations in Santa Cruz and three locations in Los Angeles, the coffee brand has become popular in Hollywood as well. In addition to Tokyo, the thriving coffee roaster will be opening a new location in San Francisco later this year.