LUMINE to open NEWoMan on March 25th, 2016

Additional areas to open on April 15th with hopes to revamp Tokyo’s Shinjuku area

LUMINE has announced the new shopping facility NEWoMan, located by the JR Shinjuku New South Exit will open on Friday, March 25th, 2016. Following this, EKI NAKA/EKI SOTO shops are to open on Friday, April 15th, 2016. The new facility targeting ‘refined women who seek authenticity and high quality’ will offer fashion through trendy boutiques, globally popular restaurants and cafes, and cosmetic beauty counters to provide both a sense of authenticity and luxury.

Around 80% of the stores will be new to the Shinjuku area. The company hopes that by offering new products and experiences, the sophisticated women they target will enjoy discovering new styles. To meet the needs of customers who use Shinjuku station on a daily basis, NEWoMan will have a women’s health clinic with a pediatrics division, a pharmacy, a certified child daycare center and cultural exchange facilities which include a multi-purpose event hall, in addition to its retail stores.

For those who enjoy the amenities of life, the facility offers a luxurious and authentic, but relaxed atmosphere. The 1st floor is the Entrance Market, where food, beauty and fashion stores line up as in a marketplace. The M2 floor is themed The Next Generation Boutique, which proposes a new lifestyle to those familiar with the specialty boutiques. The International 2nd floor serves as the main entrance floor and offers ‘metropolitan’ and ‘luxury’ of global standards. The 3rd floor’s concept New Basic, New Standard is about fashion that is trendy but is simple, of high-quality and current in any the era or environment. The 4th floor is about A New Life, where the busy lives of those living in the city can unwind and be enriched.

*A new type of beauty bar by CHANEL makes its debut!!
The world beloved CHANEL will launch a new type of beauty bar where customers can openly test cosmetics and fragrances. Whether on their way home or on their way to meet someone, the beauty bar offers an extensive menu for customers to stop by for a beauty charge on the go.

Under the The City Market concept, LUMINE has taken a unique perspective in creating a retail space that ties the EKI NAKA area together to promote the ‘new Shinjuku’ to the world. The city market is a collection of foods and goods from all over Japan and around the world, that help create a higher quality daily life.

*Chef Choco by the two-star restaurant chef opens their 1st location in Shinjuku!
BbyB, by the Belgium two-Michelin star restauranteur and known for their tasty one-bite chocolate dessert Chef Choco, will be making its Shinjuku debut. It is a new type of chocolate brand made with the sense and creativity of top class chefs. Here you can enjoy a variety of unique flavors.

*LUMINE to open a new type of store that offers Japanese confectionery from all around Japan!
LUMINE to launch a new type of store Ennari, a specialty boutique that offers Japanese confectionery selected from all around the country. The store will consistently offer 3 brands, promoting their creator’s passion and the beauty of Japanese confectionery within Japan and around the world, in hopes to create new possibilities for the industry.

The Food Hall that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as bar hours, will be open 21 hours a day from 7am to 4am. With 5 distinctive restaurants, the area is located conveniently close to the train entrance/exit gates but has a separate relaxing and high quality atmosphere.

*In addition to opening in the Food Hall, Nishi-Azabu’s renowned “Sushi Ten” will launch a new type of restaurant in EKI NAKA!
Nishi-Azabu’s renowned “Sushi Ten” will launch “sushi tokyo Ten” in the Food Hall where restaurant goers can enjoy tastes of the lavish seasonal foods served as part of the omakase menu, as well as “Sushiya no Hanare" where the same tastes can be enjoyed in the Eki Naka area with coworkers, family or friends. Both restaurants will offer fresh seafood, and the warmth and skill of sushi chefs.

*Singapore’s popular oyster bar “wharf” launches in Japan!
The popular Singaporean oyster bar “wharf” will be making its debut in Japan. The restaurant features fresh raw oysters and tuna direct from Katsuura fishing port in Wakayama. In addition to wine, the drink menu includes Japanese sake Dassai and Singaporean Tiger draft beer.

Women’s total body salon and studio BODY STYLE THE TOKYO to open! Created under the basic concept of ‘a place for anyone to effortlessly come to’, BODY STYLE THE TOKYO offers “3 types of weight loss treatments using beauty care machines”, “Muscle-building treatments using pressure training”, and “Body sculpting treatment by hand” all customizable based on the customers needs, to help create the perfect body inside and out.

*Theater performance by “Mum & Gypsy” to open at the new cultural creation space LUMINE 0!
For the opening of the facility, LUMINE 0 (LUMINE ZERO) will offer events and activities under their “JAPAN CREATIVE TERMINAL” concept. As part of this, a theater performance by Mum & Gypsy, led by theater writer/director Takahiro Fujita who received the prestigious Kishida Kunio Drama Award at age 26, is scheduled.