LUMINE announces winners of "LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2015"

On November 3, 2015, LUMINE announced the 6 winners of "LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2015", an award open to the public, which aims to discover and support young artists by exhibiting their art work throughout LUMINE facilities.

6 winners were selected from 670 applicants this year. The artists of the 6 winning pieces were presented their awards at a special awards ceremony.

1st Prize
Hideki Iinuma "de Lempicka" (Installation Category)

2nd Prize
Satoru Tamura “Koi Machine” (Window Category)

Takaki Sugawara "Tsuki wa Mimamoru" (Elevator Category)

Other winners:
Masaki Okuda "A WOMAN IN A FASHION BUILDING" (Digital Category)
Natsuki Machida "Hana hashira" (Elevator Category)
Tengshing Kazama "Ebb-Ripple" (Window Category)

In addition to receiving prize money, each winner's art work will be displayed throughout LUMINE facilities, such as the elevators and windows of LUMINE Shinjuku and digital signage in Shinjuku LUMINE EST as well as around Shinjuku station's south gate. The exhibitions will begin on Monday, February 1st and continue through to the beginning of March 2016.

Applications were accepted from August to September 23, 2015. The panel of judges for selecting winners consisted of members active in both the domestic and overseas art scenes, and included gallerist Tomio Koyama. Tomio Koyama is known for discovering world-known artists and works in the forefront of modern art.

Below is a description of 1st prize winner Hideki Iinuma's art concept and the judge's comment.

"de Lempicka" concept
This piece was inspired by Tamara de Lempicka, the female artist that worked in France in the beginning of the twentieth century. In times when men dominated the world of art, she was an artist that reigned society with her beauty and personality. She was a strong female symbol, similar to the strong women of modern day Japan.