Luminest 2015 Contest Finals

On October 27,2015, LUMINE held its Luminest 2015 Contest finals where sales staff competed by role playing and were awarded for their excellence in customer service. This year marked the 11th year for the contest.

Of the 33,000 sales staff who work at the 15 LUMINE locations, 2,200participated in this year’s contest. As a fresh start for the 11th year, this year’s goal was ‘to exceed customer expectation in services’. Following the trials which were conducted within each of the LUMINE buildings and then by store, 172 were selected for the Luminest Bronze and 40 were selected for the Luminest Silver prize.

The 40 who were selected for the Luminest Silver prize then competed at the Finals. After the finalists presented their service skills and mindset fostered from everyday experiences, 13 were selected for the Luminest Gold prize. Of the 13 Gold prize winners, Ms. Nanami Oka of the Ginza Kanematsu store inLUMINE Kitasenju was awarded first prize.

The company’s Luminest efforts aims tobe not just a customer service contest, but rather an opportunity to bridge the different companies and brands that have stores in LUMINE to cooperate and improve customer services, which inevitably creates the unique company culture. The headquarter offices of each participating brand have also contributed in showing support for the contestants.

Through the process, not only those who are awarded the Luminest prize, but all sales staff who work at LUMINE are given the opportunity to understand the value of going beyond customer mindset and detailed hospitality. Being able to help customers realize a new aspect of unforeseen beauty or propose a whole new way of living for the customer; that is the ultimate goal sales staff seek to find while interacting with customers on a daily basis.