New Experiences in a New City for New Women

NEWoMan to open at JR Shinjuku Station New South Exit in Spring 2016

LUMINE has announced plans to open a new shopping facility NEWoMan located by the JR Shinjuku New South Exit in Spring 2016. The company characterizes NEWoMan as “a project that will evolve along with the city” and with it, aims to contribute in developing a new Tokyo for the ever-exciting year of 2020 and thereafter. The concept of the NEWoMan development is new and completely different from existing LUMINE shopping facilities, as it aims to offer a new feature in Shinjuku, by collaborating with JR Shinjuku station and the surrounding area.

Behind the name NEWoMan
For all the new women
who live in this new era.
We chose the name NEWoMAN
as a place to encounter
new experiences.

Entrance area

The concept of NEWoMan is to provide experiences and values that help women to continue to be at their best. Customers who come to NEWoMan should be inspired not only by fashion, but by new products and experiences which the company hopes will inspire new ways of living. LUMINE hopes the facility will attract their main target - refined women who seek authenticity and high quality choosing to come to Shinjuku just to spend time at NEWoMan.

NEWoMan will occupy 6 floors of JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower, 1 floor inside of Shinjuku New South Exit which is currently under construction (both EKI NAKA/EKI SOTO or inside/outside of the ticket gate area), and 3 floors (including rooftop) of the area above the train tracks. This will be the first time LUMINE will supervise and operate the entire EKI NAKA area, and develop an all-encompassing complex facility that includes areas such as a multi-purpose event hall LUMINE 0 (LUMINE ZERO) for cultural events, a full service women's health clinic, a child-care center, and a rooftop area which includes a garden, in addition to shopping facilities.

While integrating NEWoMan into the new Shinjuku Station design, LUMINE aims to promote and benefit the existing neighboring Shinjuku area.

Basic Information
4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
5-24-55 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Area of retail space
Approx. 7,600m3
Number of retailers
Approx. 100 (tentative)
Opening date
End-of-March 2016 (1st facility) & Mid-April 2016 (2nd facility)

The facility features an integrated design incorporating the Shinjuku rail station and Lumine's NEWoMan facility. With this, visitors walking from the Shinjujku station concourse to the EKI NAKA shops or from NEWoMAN to the station’s open space, are presented with a unified feeling as if in a ‘city’ with no borders.

To continuously provide new points of view and experiences, LUMINE is collaborating with company-operated stores and the development/sales of their new merchandise.

By engaging the expertise of directly-operated businesses. LUMINE aims to build anticipation for NEWoMan while expanding these individual stores to continue to bring excitement to customers in the future.

Direct-management of 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria restaurant:
The 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, which gained popularity on the west coast area of the US, will be opening its first location in Japan near the Shinjuku Station Southern Terrace Exit. The restaurant franchise will be directly-operated by LUMINE, where the company will be in charge of everything from developing the menu to managing the location.

The first KOKO LUMINE shop to promote Japanese craftsmanship:
KOKO LUMINE, an ongoing project to promote Japan’s finest craftsmanship, will open its first actual shop. As in the name, the shop will introduce Japan’s regional/local craftsmanship from here (Kokokara), created from the heart (Kokorokara). In addition to managing the shop, LUMINE will develop and sell original merchandise designed in partnership with regional craftsmen.

LUMINE 0 (LUMINE ZERO) Event Space directly connected to the New South Exit
LUMINE 0, a space for cultural creation created under the JAPAN CREATIVE TERMINAL concept, will open directly above the JR train tracks. With approximately 500 square meters, the space will be used to host a wide variety of events from art and food to fashion, and aims to become a place where people, products and experiences organically integrate.

Nearly 80% of NEWoMan’s tenants will be new to the Shinjuku area. The company hopes that offering new products and experiences will help refined women enjoy discovering new ways of living.

Fashion & Accessories
The store directory will consist of shops that bring new value to the Shinjuku area, whether it be a new brand category or a shop making its Shinjuku debut. All stores will provide products and experiences that convey high sensitivity to trends and quality.

Examples of shops
ASTRAET (by United Arrows LTD)
ISABEL MARANT ÉTOILE (by Tomorrowland Co., LTD)

Restaurants & Food Stores
As with fashion retailers, the restaurants/food stores will possess the same high sensitivity to trends and bring new value to the Shinjuku area. NEWoMan will also be home to the first domestic location for restaurants/food stores such as the following:

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria: The popular LA-born pizzeria operated in Japan by LUMINE
Janice Wong: Asia’s number one pastry chef from Singapore to open its first store in Japan by ANA Trading Company
Rosemary’s: The popular trattoria based in the West Village of NY operated in Japan by CAFE COMPANY

The Eki Soto area will have a Food Hall with 5 restaurants that will offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and also bar-only hours. The Food Hall will be open 21 hours a day from 7am to 4am.

The area will also meet the needs of customers who use Shinjuku station daily with facilities such as a health clinic, pharmacy, and a certified child daycare center.

LUMINE will also take part in a project to beautify the area around Shinjuku Station New South Exit. Outside NEWoMan there will be terrace seating and benches with greenery such as roadside trees and plants for visitors to relax and enjoy. The surrounding area was designed to help build excitement throughout the city and create a dynamic environment around the New South Exit. The company will continue to work towards contributing to community development, focusing on not only New South Gate but the larger Shinjuku area as well.