As a “Life Value Creator”, LUMINE creates movie aiming to brighten the everyday lives of customers

LUMINE has created a movie aiming to brighten and encourage the everyday lives of customers. The company which normally operates commercial facilities focusing on fashion, has broadened its focus for the movie to include ‘food, living, learning, health, beauty, and play’in order to meet the diversifying needs of customers. With a new LUMINE opening next spring along side the renewal of Shinjuku New South Exit,the company hopes to share its approach to taking on new challenges through the launch of the movie.

LUMINE’s ultimate goal is to ‘raise the spirits and encourage’ those who work hard everyday, and help bring out the best in customers. The company hopes this movie which highlights the future that LUMINE envisions to create with customers, is watched and enjoyed by many.

In our everyday lives,
so many things happen.

Things we never imagined. Things we always dreamed of.

Every time something happens, life opens up to more possibilities.

We may be able to do something
we couldn't do yesterday.

These exciting moments, fulfill our lives.

These exciting moments, are what LUMINE hopes to create.

How far will life take us from here.