Japan’s renowned gallerist Tomio Koyama and Noritaka Tatehana, known for captivating Lady Gaga with his designs, to be on panel of judges

LUMINE announced it will host the LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2015, an art award open to the public, which aims to discover and support young artists by exhibiting their art work throughout LUMINE facilities.

Applications are accepted through 4 categories (Elevator Category, Window Category, Installation Category and Digital Category) and selected pieces will be displayed on digital signage or exhibited throughout Shinjuku LUMINE, Shinjuku LUMINE EST and other LUMINE facilities. (Exhibition from February 1, 2016 to beginning of March, 2016).

For the 3rd annual LUMINE meets Art Award, Noritaka Tatehana’s works will also be on display. Noritaka Tatehana is famous for designing heel-less shoes loved by celebrities around the world such as Lady Gaga and has been under the spotlight in both the fashion and art worlds. LUMINE is excited to offer a wide range of art for visitors to enjoy.

The panel of judges for selecting winners will consist of members active in both the domestic and overseas art scene, and includes gallerist Tomio Koyama. Tomio Koyama is known for discovering world famous artists and works in the forefront of modern art. The final selection and award ceremony is planned for November 3rd. (1st prize: One million yen)

Through the implementation of LUMINE meets ART AWARD, the company hopes to reach out and support young artists, while offering customers unexpected excitement through art, based on its “Itsumono LUMINE +α” (everyday LUMINE plus more) concept.