FMJ×LUMINE Shopping Tour in Tokyo

LUMINE conducted a unique shopping tour called TOKYO SHOPPING PARADISE in collaboration with Follow Me Japan, a Singaporean travel agency that specializes in Japan tourism.

On the first day of the 2 day tour conducted on July 27th & 28th, participants were taken through LUMINE EST. They enjoyed shopping stylish but reasonably priced brands such as CECIL McBEE and REDY AZEL, as well as high-quality shoes from brands such as DIANA and POOLSIDE that are sold exclusively in Japan. After browsing throughout the building, tour participants mentioned how they appreciated the 6th floor duty free counter which was calm and chic, as much as the quick and easy to access duty free counter on the B1 floor.

On the second day, the group was guided through the cosmetic and clothing stores in LUMINE Shinjuku. Tour participants appreciated the wide variety of cosmetics unavailable in Singapore at B-time, enjoyed make-up demonstrations at ISETAN MIRROR, and also shopped Japanese cosmetic brands such as Hokuroku Sousui and VECUA Honey.

After shopping, LUMINE employees had the opportunity to enjoy a Japanese dinner with the group, where they exchanged thoughts on the shopping experience. By offering tourists the opportunity to shop at LUMINE in person, the company was able to gain valuable feedback and further understand how LUMINE is perceived by customers from outside of Japan. LUMINE hopes to continue these efforts in the future.

By providing a diverse mix of tenants and trendy products, LUMINE will continue to propose a whole new shopping experience for customers. The company hopes that you will come to experience this firsthand at any of their locations on your next visit to Japan.