KOKO LUMINE is LUMINE’s cultural project to support and promote Japan’s finest craftsmanship and their products. As part of this project, KOKO LUMINE WEEK 2015 will be held from August 3rd to 23rd at 11 LUMINE locations, as well as their online website iLUMINE. This year the theme is “Natsu ni shiru, Nihon no iimono” which will highlight Japan’s well-made goods for the summer.

At LUMINE EST Shinjuku, an original shop based on the theme of festivals (Matsuri) will open from August 6th to 23rd. The shop will feature summer-themed products and foods from all over Japan. Shinjuku, a destination for many tourists, will bring exciting encounters with goods from all around the country.

LUMINE Shinjuku will open “TOKYO ISLANDS Deep Sea Beer Garden” on the rooftop of LUMINE 1 for a limited time from August 3rd to 16th. Blue mist will light up the area, creating a romantic atmosphere as if in the deep sea. With a large screen showing natural and cultural spots hidden in Tokyo, one can experience these scenic views all on the rooftop of urban Shinjuku.

Each LUMINE location will not only offer the very best of Japan-made goods, but also hold events such as workshops and exhibitions to showcase the different elements and beauty of Japan’s craftsmanship.

LUMINE will continue to support and promote Japan’s craftsmanship to maximize the potential of local artists and craftsmen who recreate the traditional Japanese culture.

~Behind the name “KOKO LUMINE”~
Kokokara = From here
Based on the idea of “supporting local goods” and “regions working together”, we value what is produced Koko or here (local/regions).

Kokorokara = From the heart
Japan’s craftsmen create from the kokoro or heart. It is an essential part of the monozukuri spirit, which is rooted in and unique to the Japanese culture.

The Logo Design
The red KOKO LUMINE logo was created to show warmth with friendliness and familiarity in mind. The word Koko is written in Japanese hiragana character in blue which outlines the logo. LUMINE’s corporate color blue is used with red and white which symbolizes the hinomaru or Japanese flag.