Launching The Tax Refund Service Counter

Lumine unveils an innovative tax refund counters in their 5 major locations in the Tokyo area that have been operational since May 11th. The service has been created to ease the cumbersome process of tax refunds on purchases made by international travelers.

The service allows the tourist shopping at Lumine to consolidate and apply his purchases made within the shopping center even if the total acquired at one store does not reach the minimum of ¥10,001 set for general goods or ¥5001 for perishable goods such as food and cosmetic product.

To facilitate the communication and ease the procedure Lumine has hired English, Chinese and Korean speakers to assist the foreign customer. This service will be present at their new venue JR Shinjuku station new South Exit scheduled to open in Spring 2016. This centralized Tax reclaim counters should help boost sales and bring a better shopping experience to the tourist.

Service counter locations: