Fred Segal

Fred Segal first international store opened in Tokyo, success or not? Time will tell.

The iconic retailer and brand "Fred Segal" has chosen Tokyo to open its first international store. The 10,000 square foot venue occupy 3 buildings to best reflect their Southern California lifestyle with "Fred Segal WOMAN", "Fred Segal MAN" and "THE MART at Fred Segal", located in a new real estate development in Daikanyama; one of the hip shopping area in Tokyo.

This is just the beginning of their presence in Tokyo as they are planning to open their second store in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse in March 2016 and another one the following year. Paul Blum, the CEO of Fred Segal partnered with the Japanese group MFSJ to make this venture possible and are projecting to generate 37.7 millions dollars in sales per year with these three stores.

On the opening day a buzz of excitement surrounded the aisles of the "MART at Fred Segal" where customers were delighted to enjoy organic products and great selections of housewares. The mix of fashion product at their men’s and women’s boutiques features a cutting-edge selection catering to Tokyoite trendsetters from Valentino to Marni as well as vintage military clothing. Featuring plenty of outdoors within the stores with a café space for shoppers to socialize and relax. The venture will be followed in the future by the introduction of licensed products that it is believed to be a fundamental pillar in their revenue stream. The choice of merchandise mix might seem a little uninspiring in a Japanese Market that presently favors a more casual Lifestyle with surfing gear and relaxing wear.

Founded in 1961, Fred Segal went from opening the very first jeans store in Los Angeles to become a mecca for launching up and coming brands. Today it is the ultimate shopping spot for tourists and celebrities.

Acquired by SANDOW group in 2012, they expanded the Fred Segal concept by opening stores in the new International Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and Las Vegas; attracting Asian "Fashionista". Fred Segal will open more stores in Tokyo and expansion to other major cities in Japan is in the works.