We held a charity event "Re Closet"

LUMINE is engaged and promoted eco-activity to bring our customers into awareness on issues such as environment and Fashion.

The "Re Closet" was a charity event that donated all proceeds from the sales to social organizations. With the concept "Give a second life to your sleeping garment in your closet"; we collected all unused clothing from our customers and sold them. In parallel of that sale event, we held various workshops; such as how to make broaches from recycle paper. Lectures were given on topics like Tohoku reconstruction support and how to manage work while raising children.

Working closer with our customers, LUMINE will continue such activities in the future.

<Event brief summary>

Dates: Saturday, January 24th
Sunday, January 25th
Collected items: 1,800
Total donations: approximately ¥1,100,000 (including workshop participation fees)