“Into The Woods: Yoshino Woods from Nara”

“Into The Woods: Yoshino Woods from Nara”

—A Collaboration Event with Nara Prefecture—

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In collaboration with the Nara Prefectural Government, a pop-up store that sold furniture and goods using wood from the Okuyamato area of Nara was showcased in LUMINE Singapore for 20 days from October 11 to 30, 2019.

Sustainable forestry has been implemented in Nara, Japan for a long time. Individually planted by hand, the forests have been carefully nurtured and protected for centuries through wars and natural disasters.

The pop-up store sold the work of 11 Japanese creators who locally produce furniture and other goods using Yoshino cedar and cypress woods from the Okuyamato area of Nara.

Many guests including product designers, media and government officials from Singapore attended the opening event held at LUMINE CAFÉ on October 11, where a presentation of the craftsmen involved in Okuyamato's forestry and handicrafts was given by the Nara prefectural government and event organizers. Guests engaged in the presentation and were interested in seeing the products and actual tools used by craftsmen displayed in the store after the reception.

The pop-up store ended in success—selling out on large items such as chairs and clothing racks with many customers showing interest in the logs that were on display as well. In addition to the use of raw wood for the products that were made by hand, customers were quick to value the beautiful rings and wood grains, as well as the unique craftsmanship of each product.

The sustainable forestry of Yoshino wood, the craftsmen with special techniques, and above all the beauty of the products were appreciated by customers of various countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. As a new lifestyle proposer, LUMINE will continue to work with creators and customers to help convey the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship and how it can be incorporated into the local everyday life.

(Photo credit : Studio W)