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  1. Company Name
    Lumine Co., Ltd.
  2. Personal information protection manager
    Privacy Management General Manager
    Contact: Phone +81-3-5334-0569
  3. Purpose of the use of personal information
    The customer information filled in here will be used for responding to opinions and requests from customers as well as improving our business.
  4. Consignment of personal information
    For the functions mentioned in #3, the customer information we receive may be provided to specified subcontractors, who can use them solely for the purpose of receiving contracts.
  5. Provision of personal information
    The information added on this form will be provided externally in the following format.
    Purpose of providing:
    For dealing with inquiry (including the individual contact information), for the improvement and management of the Lumine store and shop.
    Items provided:
    All items filled in the form.
    Means of providing:
    Sent as a password-protected file via email, or directly entrusting a copy of the said document.
    To whom the information is provided:
    The store specified as the destination, the Lumine shop related to the inquiry, and the subcontractor (security company, cleaning company, etc.)
  6. Inquiries related to provided information and its use
    Lumine Co., Ltd. Customer Service
    Contact: Toll Free: 0120-639-003
  7. Request for disclosure, etc., of personal information
    Relating to the disclosure, etc., of their personal information, the person in question may report against this company to the privacy management company listed in #2. We will then respond within a reasonable period of time upon confirmation of the customer’s identity. Please note, a fee may be required for some disclosure claims.
  8. Discretion on providing personal information
    Providing our company with personal information is at the will of the customer. However, we may not be able to provide an appropriate response if we do not receive the required items.

<Important Points>

  1. The email that our company generally uses for replying to customers will be sent as a response to individual customers. Please refrain from using this email in part or in whole for any other purpose.
  2. Please be aware that depending on content, it may be difficult to answer in some cases.
  3. Please be aware that we do not accept suggestions such as those pertaining to product planning from external companies.
  4. Please refrain from using half-width katakana, as it may not display correctly or cannot be transmitted.
  5. There are times when it is not possible to send or receive mail when using email addresses with a period (".") directly before or even earlier before the @ symbol continuously such as xxx.@xxxx or xx..xx@xxxx
  6. It is possible that the mail from Lumine will not reach domains designated for mobile phones depending on settings. If you are using such a domain, please adjust your settings so that you can receive mail from lumine.ne.jp. Because a mail from Lumine may be mistaken for junk mail, please also allow "spoof email" and "email with URL."