The Vision

Lumine is the leading developer of full-service shopping centers in the Tokyo area with 16 centers that total approximately 2 million square feet of gross leasable area (GLA). We specialize in developing mixed-use projects in the shopping malls in order to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Our main mall, Shinjuku Lumine, attracts without a doubt one of the highest percentages of commercial foot traffic per square meter in Tokyo. Our portfolio of shopping centers and the consistency of the services we provide to our tenants and customers have allowed us to create the most popular shopping centers in Tokyo. For nine years, since 2001, the firm has been honored by the prominent Japanese business newspaper Senken-Shinbum.

Lumine has become a recognized throughout Japan as a symbol of solidity and creativity, of quality, and of consistency in business. It offers premium services and an efficient management of partnerships, both national and international, especially in the world of fashion. The firm has distinguished itself from its competitors by bringing constant innovation to many aspects of the business, such as the following:

  • Launching the concept of "Welcome to a New You," which specifically targets young working women in their 20s and 30s
  • Incorporating into existing and new projects the concept of environmental awareness
  • Developing trends in fashion and in what mall-sector management terms the "floor master system"
  • Developing social programs
  • Investing in cultural activities by sponsoring and promoting events in the fields of art, photography,design, and runway  fashion shows, among many others.

Lumine has many new projects in different stages of development. The firm has established a leadership role in its field, and will maintain this position by continuing to meet constant challenges and by developing and achieving new goals and high standards of excellence. We are committed to the belief that the firm's present and future activities will create new markets and expand existing ones.


LUMINE (LUMINE Co., Ltd.) was established in April 1991 with the merger of four companies (Omiya Station Building, Co., Ltd, Kita-Senju Station Building Co., Ltd, LUMINE Shinjuku Co., Ltd., LUMINE Yokohama Co., Ltd.), all subsidiaries of JR East (East Japan Railway Company). LUMINE is now a consolidated subsidiary of JR East and a core company of the group.

The first ekibiru (train station building) was built by JNR (Japanese National Railways) in 1950. JNR established management companies for each major station with an ekibiru, and JR East succeeded these companies of Tokyo Metropolitan and Tohoku region after the privatization of JNR in 1987. LUMINE began with the merger between four station building companies and expanded its business by continuing to merge with other station building companies in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.LUMINE currently manages 15 locations, including some that newly opened as part of the expansion of existing stations. (Please see the location section for more information)

In March 2008, LUMINE added an online store called i-LUMINE. In fiscal year 2016, the sales of i-LUMINE accounted for 2.0% of total sales of the LUMINE shops.

Letter from the President

Yuji Morimoto

Gathering the “Power of the People” with Our Partners
For a LUMINE that Provides Joy and Happiness to Customers

The philosophy of LUMINE is to be "the Life Value Presenter-creating delight beyond your expectations." As such, we have kept an eye on the changing of the times, the trends of society, and are always thinking step ahead of what the customer wants. Our endeavors are based all on this philosophy, whether it be the transmission of culture, the easing of issues in the community and society, international business opportunities, and the promotion of an omni-service business model that furthers LUMINE's multi-lateral connections to customers. This is something that is particularly important for us to keep in mind, to let guide us, now that we are in an age where trying new things is basically required to survive. Our guiding compass has always been and will be the LUMINE philosophy.

The mentality of working women in their 20s and 30s, who are the core demographic for LUMINE, have been changing with the times, and in recent years has shifted to a focus on "living my own way." There are many, many places where customers can enjoy shopping. For these customers to choose LUMINE, we must enrich not only the lives of our core demographic, but the lives of each and every customer in the region LUMINE-style. We are dedicated in gaining the confidence of our global community and will continue to manifest our mission statement through our initiatives.

Progress in digital technology has brought a revolutionary age for business and for people's lifestyles. Nevertheless, it is always people that create value in items, that transmit these values, and create places and occasions where these values can be utilized. The producers who create the items, the people who work at the shops, which serve as the meeting point for producer and customer, and all of the people with their hopes for development in the region We are only able to move the hearts of our customers, and realize what lies beyond their expectations, when we gather the "power of the people" with our partners, and face our customers with the same belief. The goal of LUMINE is to break outside of the box, to go beyond shopping and provide joy and happiness in the lives of our customers, whatever way we can.

Yuji Morimoto
President & CEO

Letter from Chairman

Yoshiaki Arai

"Providing our customers with delight beyond their expectations"

As ongoing globalization leads to greater knowledge and as high-quality goods from around the world become more accessible, Japanese customers are no longer simply consumers but have developed a sophisticated approach toward purchasing goods and a greater understanding of their own preferences and values. Moreover, the expansion of the Internet and of social media has made the rapid sharing of information possible, but it has also increased product imitation. Because it is difficult to determine true quality based on physical appearance alone, it has become necessary for us to perceive all aspects of a product, internal as well as external. Therefore, we must reinvent the ways in which we present established facts, both tangible and intangible, and develop a fresh perspective that creates new meanings and values.

In this context, Lumine constantly reinvents itself with an aggressive business format by presenting multiple specialty shops that are both fresh and innovative. We have received great support from our customers and from our partners, whose boutiques are based on the unique operation model we call Lumine Style. This has generated solid results, and we have been able to sustain growth even when our competitors were suffering from the unprecedented economic downturn in 2009. As a result, the market value of the Lumine brand has risen substantially over the past decade.

We carefully gather, analyze, and organize cutting-edge information before we communicate it to our customers. Rather than simply providing merchandise, we carefully craft a lifestyle of which customers are yet unaware in order to provide them with superior quality through the Lumine brand. This is our greatest strength.

We will continue to leverage our ability to innovate and create, and in this we enjoy the cooperation of both producers and customers, as well as our partners. We are enthusiastic in our determination to be not just a pioneer but also a creator of markets. We plan to make our i-LUMINE e-commerce business our second source of growth by emphasizing its unique ability to function at a level that is not available at brick-and-mortar Lumine properties.

We will not simply meet the needs of our customers; but we will anticipate those needs and deliver a service beyond their expectations. Therefore, we at Lumine will continue to work ceaselessly in order to earn the trust of people throughout the world and to keep growing our well-respected brand.

Yoshiaki Arai

Lumine's Corporate Data

Name: LUMINE Co., LTD.
President and CEO: Yuji Morimoto
Address: East Japan Railway Company Headquarters Building, 10F, 2-2-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-0053 JAPAN
Established: May 21, 1966
Paid-in Captial: ¥2,375,200,000
Net Sales: SC ¥338.0 billion EC ¥6.7 billion (Result in Fiscal Year 2016 (April 1, 2016~March 31, 2017))

Principal Stockholders: East Japan Railway Company: 95.1%; Other: 4.9%
Employees: 598 (as of April 1, 2017)


  • • Shopping mall management and operation
  • • Real estate leasing
  • • Catalog sales via the internet and other media
  • • Other businesses

• i LUMINE (LUMINE's online store)

  • Open: March 2008
  • The number of shops: 228 (as of March 31, 2017)
  • Total sales: ¥6.7 billion [FY2016]
  • Membership: 670,000 people [FY2016]

<LUMINE's Subsidiaries & Affiliates>

  • • LUMINE Associates Co., LTD.
    Principal businesses: Operation of food, beverage and merchandise shops;
    Advertising agency; nonlife insurance agency
  • • LUMINE Creates Co., LTD.
    Principal businesses: Interior and exterior building management and security; service businesses including coin-operated lockers and parking lot management
    Principal businesses: Golf course management

• East Japan Railway Company Group

  • Consolidated Results for Fiscal Year 2016 (April 1, 2016~March 31, 2017)
  • Operating revenue: ¥2,880.8 billion
  • (Transportation 68.0%, Non-transportation 32.0%. In Non-Transportation,
  • SC& Office represent 9.3%, Station space utilization is 13.9% and Others 8.8%)