Welcome to a new you

Welcome to a new you


There are many aspects to what makes you who you are.

The way you dress.
The way you speak.
The way you act.

Welcome to Lumine.
Welcome to a new you.
A place where you find your originality blossom.
A place where you discover yourself anew.

Find fashion, lifestyle and inspiration. All beyond expectations.

Life is full of potential waiting to be discovered.
Find what makes your life shine today.

The Vision

Lumine is the leading developer of full-service shopping centers in the Tokyo area with 16 centers that total approximately 2 million square feet of gross leasable area (GLA). We specialize in developing mixed-use projects in the shopping malls in order to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Our main mall, Shinjuku Lumine, attracts without a doubt one of the highest percentages of commercial foot traffic per square meter in Tokyo. Our portfolio of shopping centers and the consistency of the services we provide to our tenants and customers have allowed us to create the most popular shopping centers in Tokyo. For nine years, since 2001, the firm has been honored by the prominent Japanese business newspaper Senken-Shinbum.

Lumine has become a recognized throughout Japan as a symbol of solidity and creativity, of quality, and of consistency in business. It offers premium services and an efficient management of partnerships, both national and international, especially in the world of fashion. The firm has distinguished itself from its competitors by bringing constant innovation to many aspects of the business, such as the following:

  • Launching the concept of "Welcome to a New You," which specifically targets young working women in their 20s and 30s
  • Incorporating into existing and new projects the concept of environmental awareness
  • Developing trends in fashion and in what mall-sector management terms the "floor master system"
  • Developing social programs
  • Investing in cultural activities by sponsoring and promoting events in the fields of art, photography,design, and runway  fashion shows, among many others.

Lumine has many new projects in different stages of development. The firm has established a leadership role in its field, and will maintain this position by continuing to meet constant challenges and by developing and achieving new goals and high standards of excellence. We are committed to the belief that the firm’s present and future activities will create new markets and expand existing ones.